Mrs Basinger  

Director of Food Service
Mrs. Dawn Basinger

Mrs. Andrea Doppelheuer
Food Service Secretary



 National School Breakfast Week Guest Chefs                                     

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             Dr. Daniel Lujetic / Superintendent                                Dr. Tammy Stern
                          @ South Side                                     Director of Curriculum & Instruction K-12
                                                                                 Director of Federal Programs @ C'ville Twp.  
         Dr. Daniel Lujetic            Dr. Tammy Stern

 Lisa Hampe / Director of Special Education          Vicki McWilliams / Board Secretary
                        @ Dunbar Twp                                        @ Connellsville TwpLisa Hampe Vicki McWilliams               
      Gary Wandel / School Board Member
                         @ Clifford N. Pritts
Gary Wandel

                  Zachariah Connell National Breakfast Week
Zachariah Connell
Zach Connell