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Connellsville Area School District

Meals Plus Information/MySchoolMoney





Meals Plus is the new point of sale system that we are using in our school cafeterias. The system brings a lot of great things to our district which staff, students, and parents should enjoy. 

One of the biggest parts of Meals Plus is prepaying for meals. Each student has been assigned a PIN which they use each day to pay for their lunch. When they type their PIN into the number pad, their picture (once all school pictures are taken) will appear on the cashier's screen along with their name, grade, and account balance. Any money that the student gives the cashier will be deposited in their account.

In addition to bringing money to the lunch line, money can also be deposited in a student's account online at With a free account you can log into the site to deposit money with a credit card. You'll have the ability to deposit money into multiple student accounts with one payment. There is a $1.95 credit card fee each time you use this service. You can view account balances, view your student's meal history for thirty days, and get e-mail notifications when the account is running low. To register for an account and deposit money into your student's account, you will need their student ID number. If you do not know your student's ID number, please call 724-628-3300, Ext 316. More information about MySchoolMoney can be found at the above website. If you do not elect to participate in this service, you may continue to send cash or checks with your child/children the same as you always have.

Meals Plus will continue to enhance the confidentiality of the Free & Reduced lunch program. The student status is entered into the system ahead of time and will come up automatically when the student’s account number or name is entered. They will go through the lunch line the same way everyone else does. 

If you have any questions about the system, please contact the Food Service Office at 724-628-3300, Ext 316



  1. What happens to my student's account balance at the end of the year?

In our district, balances will carry over to the next school year, so towards the end of the year make sure your student is using the available funds in their account. Refunds will be issued to graduating students or students who transfer out of our district at their request.

  1. Am I required to use to deposit money into my student's account?

No. You can send cash or checks in with your student just as you always have. We do recommend that you send money in at least a week at a time. The lunch line moves a lot quicker when everyone has money deposited into their account beforehand.

  1. What information do I need to log into will need your student's name and ID number.


  1. Is there a fee for depositing money into my student's account on with a credit card?

There is a $1.95 credit card fee each time you use this service.



Dawn Basinger, DTR CDM CFPP