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Connellsville Area School District

About Us

"Through the cooperative efforts of educators, parents, community and students, the Connellsville Area School District will provide a safe, diverse, and challenging educational environment dedicated to helping all students become respectful, responsible, and knowledgeable life-long learners prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society."

"We, the members of the Connellsville Area School District, are committed to seeing our district provide each child with an education appropriate to his/her individual needs and interests. It is our aim to promote and enhance the many strengths and resources within our district, and to identify and address areas where change is needed. We are determined to give full consideration to pertinent demographic and performance information and other factors that impact our educational programs. It is our hope to provide an educational atmosphere of excellence and continuous improvement where the focus of our schools and community is on our students."


In the Connellsville Area School District, we believe that . . .

  • every student can be a successful learner.
  • educational standards must be at the core of curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  • education is a partnership among educators, parents, community and students.
  • educational programs should be varied and equal to provide appropriate opportunities
  • the school environment should be safe and nurturing so that teachers can teach and students can learn.
  • society is enhanced when its young people strive to become respectful, responsible, and knowledgeable lifelong learners.
  • technology must be a consideration in all educational planning.
  • professional development opportunities are essential to help teachers continually improve classroom instruction and management.
  • appropriate support services must be provided to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • educational facilities must be continually assessed and maintained to ensure safety, comfort, and to promote educational excellence.

  1. To help the student develop problem-solving skills by obtaining information through the senses and by utilizing learning materials and sources of written information.
  2. To help the student develop organizational skills.
  3. To help the student develop skills for predicting, interpreting, and evaluating information for decision-making.
  4. To help the student develop skills in oral, graphic, and written communications.
  5. To help the student develop an appreciation of the dignity of all life as well as an appreciation of cultures other than their own.
  6. To help the student use acquired knowledge from learning experiences to become a productive citizen.