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Connellsville Area School District

Falcon Online Learning Academy



Teaching Tomorrow’s Skills Today


The Falcon Online Learning Academy is currently in its second year. There are three programs: Cyber School, a Hybrid Program and CASD Alternative Education. Our three branched program offers an innovative, online, educational experience for students grades K-12 who may need a non-traditional school day. Students have the opportunity to complete their school work at any time throughout the day. Students can receive assistance from their teachers via emails, phone calls, face to face visits or tutorial sessions.


The Falcon Online Learning Academy strives  to meet the needs of all online students with a rock solid education program delivered in an alternative method. Students’ needs are changing and we must change to meet those needs.




  • Flexibility —Students have the flexibility of scheduling, traveling, working, and exploring career options.
  • Creativity —Opportunities to be creative, productive, discover, and explore potentials.
  • Time Management —Teaches students responsibility, time management, self-discipline, dedication, independence and a global perspective
  • Self– Paced Learning —Online education allows students to learn at their own pace.  They can choose to quickly go through material they understand right away, or they can spend more time on subjects they find more challenging.    Students won’t have to wait for after school hours or review sessions to learn more about specific subjects.  They’ll be able to get the extra help and teacher attention when they need it.
  • Increase Accountability —Online learning can be even more accountable than traditional professional development because assignments, assessment scores, activities, course completions, and participant progress can be monitored online.



Can my child take Falcon Online Learning Academy classes as well as traditional classes?
Yes, this is what we call our Hybrid Model. Each student’s schedule will be individualized. They will meet with their guidance counselor to customize it.
Can my child attend Connellsville Area School daily, but complete their courses virtually?
Yes, student will have the opportunity to have certified teachers facilitate their needs within the school day and in after school tutoring if needed.
Will my student graduate with a CASD Diploma?
Upon completion of all graduation requirements students will graduate with a Connellsville Area School District Diploma.
Are the classes easier on-line?
The Falcon Online Academy curriculum is aligned to the Connellsville Area School District Curriculum.
Can my son/daughter participate in the musical?
Students can participate in all Connellsville Area School District sponsored events including: Homecoming, Prom Graduation, Athletics, Marching Band, Chorus, Gifted. However, all transportation must be provided.
Does my child still have to participate in state and local testing.
All students will still participate in both the PSSA’s and the Keystone testing.

The mission of the Falcon Online Learning Academy is to provide a highly effective teaching and learning experience designed to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities to each individual student in an alternative method.









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