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Connellsville Area School District

Falcon Online Learning Academy

We Believe:
  • highly effective teaching and learning can happen anywhere and anytime. 
  • children deserve an education designed around their individual needs, interests and abilities. 
  • children should have an opportunity to take courses for advancement or remediation beyond a traditional agrarian calendar. 
  • children should be able to advance through their own learning at their own pace. 
  • the children in our community remain part of our community and taught by our community educators. 
The Falcon Online Learning Academy (FOLA) schedules students based on their individual goals. A school counselor and student work together to develop a graduation plan. Students complete a pre-assessment to any course and only complete content they need to master. Connellsville Area School District teachers support students in the Cyber, Hybrid and Blended programs through face-to-face interactions, phone calls and emails. 
The Falcon Online Learning Academy Cyber Program is a 100% online asynchronous program where children are able to choose the path, pace, and place of their learning. They are supported by Connellsville Area School District educators through digital communications via Google Hangouts, emails, and phone calls.
The Falcon Online Learning Academy Hybrid Program allows children to choose which classes they would like to take online and which classes they would like to take face-to-face to meet their individual needs and interests. 
The Falcon Online Learning Academy Blended Learning Program provides children a certified Connellsville Area School District educator to support them with face-to-face and online learning during the school day. 
Contact Mrs. Beth Shreve, Falcon Online Learning Coordinator, at or 724-628-3300 x306 to develop a plan that best fits your individual needs. 



Mrs. Beth Shreve 


Falcon Online Learning Coordinator


to discuss your learning goals




724-628-3300 x306