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Connellsville Area School District

Finance & Operations

Assistant to the Superintendent
Finance & Operations
Mrs. Marlene Grenell
Assistant Business Manager
Mrs. Cherie Routzahn
Payroll & Data Specialist
Mrs. Kelli Porterfield
Accounts Payable Manager/Purchasing Manager 
Mrs. Kathy Ruper, CPA
Accounts Payable Manager
Mrs. Vicki McWilliams
Mission Statement


The mission of the Connellsville Area School District Business Office is to ensure all district resources are accounted for in an effective, timely, accurate and meaningful manner. The Business Office will implement the proper controls, procedures and policies to safeguard public resources while also providing stakeholders the necessary tools for decision making.

The Business Office will continually strive to improve our practices through evaluations and available resources. We will practice transparency, good communication and teamwork while also providing employees with a challenging and fulfilling work environment.


The Business Office will be committed to the overall success of the district and its strategic plan while being committed to continuous improvement of its processes and services.