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Connellsville Area School District

Food Service

Director of Food Service
Mrs. Dawn Basinger
Food Service Secretary
Mrs. Andrea Doppelheuer
Daily Lunch For Falcon Online Learning Academy (FOLA) Students
Pickup will be at the Sr High School or Springfield Elementary 11:00AM to 11:30AM
Must pre-register under the Food Service at the Daily Lunch pickup tab.
P-EBT Information
The P-EBT program has been in full swing over the last few months. Student records have and continue to be processed by the Commonwealth’s vendor, and families are receiving their benefits. All benefits will be processed and mailed by the end of July.

PDE has been fielding hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and phone calls. Below are some general questions and
resources that can assist families with their questions.

P-EBT Questions and Answers

Q: What can a school do to help with inquiries from families prior to redirecting the family?
A: The following questions should be asked, confirmed, or known:
  • Was the student free/reduced;
  • Was the student on the file that was remitted to PDE or obtained by PDE from
  • Did the student move during COVID closures;
  • Is the date of birth accurate;
  • Is the address accurate; and
  • Is the guardian information accurate?

Q: How can families check card balances?
A: 1-888-328-7366 or

Q: How can a family request a replacement card due to a lost or damaged card?
A: Parent should complete the P-EBT Inquiry Form at

Q: What should a family do if they believe they should have received a benefit and did not.
A: All benefits will be processed and mailed by the end of July. If a parent believes they
should have received a card and has not after July 31st, have the parent complete the P-
EBT Inquiry Form at

Q: Who can assist parents that are having issues with the card’s PIN?
A: Parents should email [email protected] for assistance.