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COVID-19 Instructional Resources

Public Access to the CASD Continuity of Education Plan is available by this link:
Google Classroom and Google Voice How-To Videos
Google Classroom: Setting up a class (1:16)
Google Classroom:  Settings  (0:50)
Google Classroom: Adding Students/guardians (3:31)
Google Classroom:  Adding co-teacher and administrator (1:20)
Google Classroom:  Creating assignment/announcement/material/form (11:34)
Google Classroom:  Making comments/editing classwork turned in (5:51)
Google: Hangout/Meet (2:30)
Google Meet Resources:  possible ways of having phone conferences with parents in a group setting (IEP Meetings, a parent conference with multiple teachers, adding a student without internet to a Google Meet). 
Using the Call the call-in method for Google Meet (parents/ staff can call into a Google Meet). 
Using Google Meet to call a parent/staff