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Connellsville Area School District

Parent Resources

Each of our Title I Schools has a Parent Resource Center. The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide resources to parents so they may better help their children in the areas of reading and math. Parents may also read information about the State Parent Advisory Council, and are encouraged to contact their child's Principal about how they may become members.


The Parent Institute - Building Readers Monthly Newsletter



HMH Click on the "Parents" Tab, then click on "Homeschool," then click "Homeschool Math," then "Skills Tutor at Home" (for Homework Help) at the right and toward the bottom of the page.


Engage NY

Provides educators and parents with Common Core resources in ELA and mathematics.


Math Resources for secondary math from McGraw-Hill:

McGraw-Hill Math



Reading Resources:

Florida Center for Reading Research


Parent Resources:

+ Download Parent Resource Order Form


+ Download Parent Resource Materials for Schools (If you see a resource that interests you or could help your child, please let you child's prinicpal know. He/she may be able to order it for you.)


USDE Non-Regulatory Guidance: Parent Involvement
Website: Download PDF


NCLB Law: Section 1118 (pertaining to Title I Parent Involvement)

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE)


State Parent Advisory Council: